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Deutsche Botschaft, Pretoria

Dear Madams and Sirs:

 We have recently been informed about the imminent launch of 'Kap Express'. 'Kap Express' is planned to be a online news portal published in German for the German speaking community in the South Africa. It is poised to support the promotion of German language and culture in South Africa. 
'Kap Express' will also foster the idea of Ubuntu and the Rainbow Nation and encourage its readership to share information as well as to get involved in business, social and political development activities and thus to help overcome social and cultural barriers. 
'Kap Express' wants to provide a platform for exchange and integration that will benefit people in South Africa and Germany and strives to be regarded as a publication „for the people by the people“. 
I would like to express support for 'Kap Express', and I do hope that this letter will contribute to motivating you to support the launch of 'Kap Express'. 
 Yours sincerely
   Dr. Martin Schäfer Head of Press Section and Speaker of the Embassy
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